NEC ECC What has to be prepared under Clause 20.4

I use CEMAR and it has a Forecast to Completion section of the site. This can be used to forecast the expected defined cost monthly between the start of the job, every month through to the end of the job. The programme requires me to submit this monthly. I want to check the contract to see where it says this has to be prepared and if not drop doing this exercise . Is the forecast under Clause 20.4 a monthly forecast through the end of the job?

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Clause 20.4 is a main option clause which applies to options, C, D and E.

The forecast is prepared and submitted at the intervals stated in the Contract Data. This usually coincides with the dates for submission of a programme for acceptance, but best to check what the Contract Data actually states.

The forecast is required to be prepared in consultation with the Project Manager and is usually used for budgeting and cash-flow purposes. If your programme is sensibly resource and cost loaded then this can be used as the basis for producing the forecast, if the Project Manger accepts this method.