NEC ECC: Under Clause 50.1 of the NEC3 ECC Contract does the assessment interval start again once the assessment required at Completion is made or is the assessment at Completion in addition to the regular assessments made at the contractual assessment in

Under clause 50.1 ‘Later assessment dates’ occur at the end of each assessment interval until 4 weeks after the Defects Certificate is issued and at Completion. If Completion and the corresponding assessment occur part way through an assessment interval, am I right in assuming that the assessment interval starts again from the assessment made at Completion? E.g. if the assessment interval is 4 weeks and Completion occurs 2 weeks into the assessment interval triggering an assessment then presumably the subsequent assessment will occur after a further 4 weeks not a further 2 weeks?

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I don’t think so.

The last sentence of clause 50.1 says:
“Later assessment dates occur
 at the end of each assessment interval until four weeks after the Supervisor issues the Defects Certificate and
 at Completion of the whole of the works.”

This implies that that the assessment date at Completion of the whole of the works is in addition to the normal ones at the assessment interval. There is no hint in the wording re-setting the assessment interval to be from Completion.


Agree with Jon. A point to add is that the additional assessment at Completion is almost certainly to account for any retention ‘release’ under secondary option X16 (if applicable) and also any preliminary assessed share amount under main options C or D.