NEC ECC - Final Assessment

Is there a time scale for a contractor to respond to a PM final assessment which considers the completed works minus delay damages etc ? This is for an NEC3 contract.

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Under NEC3, there is no formal/contractual final assessment.

In practice, answer is not immediately following Completion. However, that the last date for raising a difference is the assessment date after the Supervisor has issued the Defects Certificate. This is because, under clause 50.1, there are assessment dates “at the end of each assessment interval until four weeks after the Supervisor issues the Defects Certificate”.

So if you submit an application for payment for what you consider you are due, the PM has to respond and say why he or she doesn’t think an amount or amounts are due.

If this difference cannot be resolved - presumably involving the Employer in discussions, then a dispute would crystallise.

NEC4 has a final assessment procedure.