NEC ECC: Terminal Float against Key/Sectional Completion Dates

NEC only refers to the Completion date for Terminal Float.
This would exclude planned completion against Key dates and Sectional Completion categorised as Terminal Float.

I have an issue where National Grid are insisting that they will only recognise TF against the completion date and not against key dates and sectional completion; because of the way NEC is worded.

When we have key dates and sectional completions; we will have multiple planned completions against those dates. My understanding has been that all the “planned” dates to each key dates and sectional completion has TF. This is being refused by NG. To overcome this, we will need to incorporate TRA to replace the TF?

Do you have an example where TF is confirmed against Key Dates and Sectional Completion Dates?


Yes and the contract actually states that.

Clause 63.3 states that if a CE moves planned Completion then Completion Date moves by the same amount i.e. Contractor owns terminal float. This then repeats the same sentence for Key Dates, and X5 states that where ever the contract states “Completion” then read “Sectional Completion”.