NEC ECC: Provision for Key Date terminal float under a PSC

Core Clause 63.3 effectively explains the provision for the consultant to manage terminal float in the event of a CE. I’m a bit confused as to how this pertains to a Key Date in the 2nd sentence.

I take it the Consultant should show planned Completion also for each Key Date and retain (or lose) terminal float in the same way and for a Completion Date?

And I also take it this would apply to gain or loss of terminal float in the run of period updates?

Yes you are correct. You should have an equivalent “planned Key Date” milestone like you would have a planned Completion, and it is treated exactly the same way when you assess a CE according to clause 63.1 i.e. if it is agreed a CE moves planned Key Date, then Key Date should move by same amount once the CE is implemented.

If your updates show an increase in gap between planned Key Date and Key Date then that increases the terminal float which you the Contractor own.

Thanks very much Glenn, on re-reading my Q I noticed some clumsy syntax and you still knew what I meant! Much obliged.