NEC ECC: Take over and Insurances

On my current site the client is about to take over the building, our expected completion date is 4 weeks beyond that (due to incomplete external works, internally its complete)

Is take over the right procedure?

Who is responsible for insuring the building during this period?

The supervisor is insisting that during this period they will able do fit out works with direct orders and their own people, it will no longer be “our site” these guys won’t have to provide us RAMS or be CSCS etc however they expect us to carry on the insurance cover

In your situation ‘take over’ would be appropriate as it is a defined procedure under the contract and you cannot introduce sectional Completion without formal written agreement by both parties.

Any insurances which are provided by the Contractor apply until the defects date, so continue even after Completion of the whole of the works, including any instances of ‘take over’.

Where the PM has certified ‘take over’ by the Client for part of the works then this triggers the following;

  • X7 Delay damages are reduced accordingly (X7.3),
  • The Client assumes liability under 80.1 for loss (wear) and damage to the applicable part of the works.

You should notify the insurer of the ‘take over’ situation and comply with any requirements to maintain the terms of the policy.