NEC ECC: Should the Supervisor notify the PM prior to any search of Defects?

My question stems from clause 60.1 (10) ‘The supervisor instructs the Contractor to search for a Defect and no Defect is found unless the search is needed only because the Contractor gave insufficient notice of doing work obstructing a required test or inspection’ as this gives reason for the Contractor to raise a Compensation Event, should the Supervisor liaise with the Project Manager prior to undertaking any inspections for defects or instructing the Contractor to identify defects?

Really good question. The practical answer is that you would like to think they are talking to each other as they both are working for the Employer/Client. If they are using one of these on line administration tools (e.g. FastDraft) you would like to think the PM can see all the communications the Supervisor is raising.

So, contractually I don’t think there is an obligation for the Supervisor to liaise with the PM first, but practically speaking hopefully they are both up to speed with what each other is doing.