NEC ECC: Severance cost for People incurred under SSCC (during Covid-19 period)

The SSCC at 12(f) includes “severance related to work on this contract.”

Where an employees work has come to an end, either because;

(a) the work has finished on the project and the business has no more work for that person;
(b) as a result of COVID-19 there have been redundancies due to indefinite suspension of the work, notified under 60.1(19);

Can the Contractors costs incurred from an employee severance process be recovered under this provision?

If 60.1(19) has come into affect, then I see no reason why not BUT the costs would be proportional to the time worked on the contract. E.g. if the person has been working for the company for 10 years and 1 year on this contract and the severance payment is £10,000, the payment from the Employer/Client would be a 1/10th of the £10,000 i.e.£1,000.