NEC ECC: Prices and Define Cost

If Scope provided by the Contractor is inconsistent with Scope provided by the Client , e.g. Scope provided by Contractor is to install manual door while Scope provided by the Client is to install automatic door.

How the Prices and Defined Cost be affected? Can NEC4 63.10 be adopted?

No, this change is not a Compensation Event, see last part of second bullet point of 60.1(1).

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Not an ambiguity or inconsistency?

Yes it is an ambiguity or inconsistency that needs resolving by an instruction, but that instruction is NOT then a compensation event as it is being notified only to correct Scope provided by Contractor to bring it in line with Clients Scope.

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Thank you and understand it is not compensation event.
How this situation affect Defined Cost and Prices?

That depends on which option you are working under.