NEC ECC: Option B - Deleted BOQ Item Valuation

The PM has issued a CE for a new road crossing. The original bill item was for 2 pipes , the new item is for 1 pipe with a reinforced concrete slab over the top. The PM is arguing that rather than zero the original BQ item in the re measurement and price the new works on defined cost. He is entitled to price the original work scope at defined cost as a negative and then price the new works at defined cost also which is his assessment shows a loss would have been made on the original works and he is applying this in his assessment. We are arguing that the original works have not taken place and are so different that you only value the new works on defined cost and zero the original BOQ item. Your comments would be appreciated

If the new road xing is a revised detail for the original xing then yes in principle the PM is right that the CE should be for the change in Defined Cost + Fee. On that basis if you would have lost money on the original detail you are no better or worse off. You will of course have to remeasure the original work as if it has been done or factor that in to the quotation.