NEC ECC: Option A - Activity schedule changes to prices for the Price of work done to date

Assessing the amount due at the assessment date

A Contractor has asked for an extension of time to prepare a quotation for a compensation event which has occurred, however, when their application for payment is submitted they have included a “price” against the event, even though no quotation has been submitted

Am I correct in when assessing the amount due at the assessment date only quotations that have been submitted are able to be included on the Activity Schedule, as the Prices on the Activity Schedule cannot be changed unless a quotation has been submitted.

So, changes to Prices for Quotations that have not been submitted cannot be included as a completed activity on the Activity Schedule, even if the activity is completed?

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You are correct - a Contractor is paid for completed items on the activity schedule, and a compensation event does not make the activity schedule until it is implemented.