NEC ECC: Assessment of change

Part of our scope included the supply and installation of doors, which initially went out to tender on the original IFC door schedule in September 2016, these works were subsequently placed on hold due to the door schedule being revised, we subsequently went out to tender again in April 2017, based on the new door schedule, our compensation event quotation was based on the change in price from the tender quote received versus the revised quote revised (from the same Subcontractor who remained to be the most competitive) which we deemed to be the effect upon defined cost and would place us (the Contractor) in the same position should the event not have occurred, the Project Manager has assessed this CE quote based only on changes to the door schedule and has not taken into consideration the implications associated with having to tender the works in September as apposed to April 2017.

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Put simply, it sounds as if the Project Manager is assessing it incorrectly as the circumstances as I have changed in two respects :
a. the door schedule has changed;
b. the programme has changed which may well have time and cost impacts.

It is implied that the PM can change a decision which has previously been communicated to the Contractor and this is a compensation event

Yes, agreed, an incorrect assessment due to only taking cognisance of 60.1 (1) change and not the implications associated with placing the procurement process on hold, resulting in other variables coming into play e.g. increase in the price of steel