NEC ECC: Is there any status of exceptional acceptance of programme

Can a programme accepted as accepted with exception (except as note) can be treated as accepted programme and be used a basis for analysis of CE.


Yes - but depends on the wording here. I would much prefer “acceptance with comments” than exceptions. I am actually a strong advocate of “acceptance with comments”, the comments being relatively small issues which are not big enough issues to reject now but need resolving. For example it may be that an element needs breaking down into more detail, but that item is some way in the future. There may be some minor issue with logic but would not affect the critical path.

Acceptance is acceptance so it should be used to assess the CE against. The only case I would not advocate is where the exceptions are for major elements that are wrong - like wrong sequence on critical path, wrong Completion Date etc.


I would agree with Glenn - An accepted programme is just that, accepted. The ‘exceptions’ - or comments should only be minor issues. I too agree with accepting with comments to prevent minor issues getting in the way of programme acceptances. Major issues should be avoided when accepting programmes.