NEC ECC: Acceptance of Clause 31 programme

Potentially a daft question;

I have just joined at project where the Clause 31 was recently accepted, and the first CL32 has been submitted.

However, upon inspection, the programme is sub-standard, and fundamentally flawed (I.e. it has taken into account actual Access delays already on site) delaying the programme, plus many other issues relating to compliance (contract dates all wrong, etc).

Even though it has been accepted, can you agree to re-submit correct one agreed? I’m guessing you shouldn’t, but by mutual agreement you can?


You can’t “un-accept” a programme - you can only reject the next one until it reflects what is contractually correct.

However - given that this is the first Accepted Programme that you are going to measure any compensation events against, by agreement you could agree to change it with correct logic if you BOTH agree it was wrong and mutually beneficial to correct