NEC ECC: Is acceptance of a revised programme relating to a CE deemed acceptance of quotation?

So a compensation event occurred in which we was instructed to submit a quotations for. This was done and a revised programme indicating the effects of the CE was also submitted. The programme was accepted, does this mean the quotation is also deemed accepted or should this be communicated separately?

NO (written in capital letters to emphasise the point).

The acceptance of the programme does not mean they have agreed the principle of the CE or the duration of the CE by accepting it. That will come out in their assessment of the quotation in terms of agreed cost and any associated liability. You may have shown two weeks for a CE but in their assessment they believe that output should be achieved in one week and they could assess it as that.

By accepting the programme showing two weeks does not mean they have accepted liability. If this was on the critical path and planned Completion had moved by two weeks, they could assess the CE as just one week movement in the Completion Date, and it would be for the Contractor to mitigate the last week or accept liability of delay damages (or contest the assessment of the CE through adjudication!)