NEC ECC: If the Contractor notifies the PM of ambiguities / inconsistencies in the BoQ under an Option B Contract which are Compensation events under CL60.6 and 60.7, does the PM issue an instruction under CL60.1(1)

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If something is established as a compensation event, then either Party can notify to the other that this is a compensation event. If the PM agrees this is a compensation event, they would notify that it is one and request a quotation under clause 61.1. If the PM has not notified that this is a compensation event, the Contractor can notify under clause 61.3 and await the PM agreement if it is or not, and if it is the PM will then request the quotation. Whoever is notifying they need to state the reasons why it is one under clause 60.1. Assuming in this scenario there is a change to the Works Information with this inconsistency then yes it will be under 60.1(1).