NEC ECC: Extension of time request by the Contractor, which CE clause?

A Contractor has requested an extension of time, which clauses will this be linked to 30, and 60?

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There is no extension of time clause or reason under 60,1 for it to being one. If you have updated a programme and planned Completion has moved you need to see why it has moved and what the reason for it is, and whether that reason is a compensation event under clause 60.1. For example, was it due to physical conditions under 60.1(12), or lack of access under 60.1(2), or delay in acceptance under 60.1(6).

If it is proven that the delay was down to a reason that the PM agrees was a compensation event, then you can assess the impact within that quotation for both cost and time - and if planned Completion has moved as a direct effect then that quotaion should include prelim type costs as well.