NEC ECC: Does the Project Manager have to be a named individual?

In the NEC3 ECC contracts, does the PM always have to be a named individual (prior to delegation of any duties) within CD1, or, can it be a company (perhaps the Employer’s organisation), or an Alliance group, etc,. The intention being if a company or Alliance as a whole are sated, then a subsequent named individual within that group would then be given the role of PM (post contract award).

I was of the understanding that the PM always had to be a named individual in the contract, who could then formally delegate certain authorities / duties to others.


There is nothing to stop an organisation being named but it is strongly advised/good practice to name an individual who can then further delegate powers (in writing) to others so it is clear specifically who is authorised to give what instructions/notifications/acceptances.

The problem with an organisation is that anyone has equal power to act in accordance with the contract which can come with its practical problems.

If you are using on online administration tool (such as FastDraft) to manage the flow of communication then that will largely sort itself out as only certain people will be authorised within the platform to be able to write and issue instructions and/or acceptances.