NEC ECC: Design and Build Project

On an option A design and build project what role does the clients supervisor have in inspections if the WI specification states ‘the records of testing/inspections are to be submitted to the engineer’ e.g piling records?

The WI seems to suggest no role for the client’s team (supervisor, COW) to inspect anything only the designer or employer.


Unless core clause 4 of the contract has been amended, it is the named Supervisor who is involved with tests and inspections.

Any requirements in the WI to submit information to a particular person(s) are supplementary to this. If there is a conflict or ambiguity with any of the roles I would suggest notifying this matter to discuss with the PM, who should then clarify the situation.

Just to be clear - specific contract titles/roles under ECC contract are as follows:

Employer (or Client now under NEC4)
Project Manager

Project Manager or Supervisor can delegate their powers (by communicating in writing) to anyone else who they want to have partial or full powers that they have under the contract. No one else of any other title has specific powers under the contract.

Update…after interaction with the contractor he was hoping to self certify his own works but I am certain this is impossible as the SS will never be able to honestly issue the Defects Cert. My right in thinking this?