NEC ECC: Completing Contract Data Part 2 Part 6 of NEC4 Option B

Having submitted a tender under the above form of contract, the Contracting Authority is insisting that our company price all people rates for the category of person it has included in the Short Schedule of Cost Components (SSCC). Some of these people are not applicable to the contract/ we may have included for their costs in other people or the direct fee. Is it compulsory under the NEC4 that the SSCC be completed for all people/ resources that the drafter of the documents has included?

As you are not in contract, you have no legal obligation to do this.

However, not doing it might well impact on your competitiveness !

From the Client’s point of view, they presumably want you to give them these rates so that they can do a comparison with other tenderers.

If, as you say, these costs are already in your fee percentage or other people rates, you can put in very competitive rates. Further, if you win the contract, then when a compensation event occurs involving these people, you are effectively getting double bubble i.e. what is in your fee percentage plus the rate you tendered.