NEC ECC: Clause about labelling equipment

For my Master’s course I need to write a report advising client how to incorporate their requirements into JCT contract. As the works will include relocation of staff and equipment, our lecturer mentioned there is a nice clause in NEC contract about contractor labelling goods before relocation and suggested this can be added to contract.

I have tried to search Google for that but found nothing. Could you advise which clause it is as I would like to write a proper reference to it when writing about this difference and possibility?

ECC clause 71.1 talks about the Supervisor marking Equipment, Plant and Materials which are outside of the Working Areas.

NEC has lots of good clauses like that - in fact you could even recommend to your client that they use NEC rather than JCT!!

Thank you for your help, that’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: now it is much easier to find details I need