NEC Aficionados - Need Your Help

My question is -

I am setting up a subcontract and as the Housing Grant etc Act applies then so will additional clauses 1.1 - 1.9. However, are these really ‘additional’ to clause 50 or do these replace any in clause 50? ( I know 50.5 is replaced by 1.4 - that is clear). But can the rest of them really work alongside each other - they do seem to contradict or at least seem like its either/or - not both.

Also, 1.1(2) seems to conflict with 51.1?

Hi Jonathan

When the Construction Act applies, you’d normally incorporate Y(UK)2 into the NEC4 EC Subcontract by completing the references at the start of the contract data. Y(UK)2 is designed to work with the other clauses under section 5 of the subcontract and also the relevant entries in the contract data that need completing, so no need to delete anything from the core clauses. Which contract are you using NEC3/4 short subcontract or full? I am struggling to reconcile the clauses references you are quoting with NEC4 ECS and Y(UK)2.

Hi Chris

Its the NEC4 Short Form Subcontract. There is an option in Data Part 1 to state whether the Act applies or not. Quite confused on the application of 1.1 - 1.9 in conjunction with clause 50.

Also, 1.1(2) seems to conflict with 51.1?