NEC ECC: Can I insist on native electronic format of the programme

Can you add an additional requirement/ clause in a subcontract to submit the native format with a programme submission? Some subcontractors seem to not want to share a Primavera xer format…

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I hear this quite often. Arguably the contract does not make this an express provision, but i would question what have they got to hide? Having been a planning manager for a main Contractor I would always advocate sending the programme in its native format so that the Contractor or Employer can fully interrogate my programme.

If all you have is a PDF then you probably cant tell if it is realistic, or practicable, or if the float figures are right so you would be within your rights to reject the programme. No Subcontractor or Contractor should want to have their programme rejected as how will change be assessed going forward? Both Parties should want an accepted programme but particularly the Subcontractor should under ECS or Contractor under ECC.

To close this loop completely you can make it a requirement within the Works information for future projects which makes it absolutely clear. However in the meantime, unless they have something to hide they should have no reason not to give it to you.

To build on Glenn’s comments, you could change the Works Information so that they have to supply it in native form. That is obviously a compensation event for which there might be a little cost.