NEC ECC: Contractor programme held in client live P6: what of programme acceptance/rejection under NEC3?

We are looking at having our contractor detailed programmes in our live P6 environment, in a separate WBS, but linked to our existing high level project template.

This will allow the contractors to update their programme and our project template at once, while currently they update theirs in their environment and then ours in ours.

I am just thinking this might impact the process of accepting/rejecting of a programme revision including assessing effect of change. Also, when does a programme updated in a live client system become the one submitted for acceptance?

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The requirement for a revised Accepted Programme is typically every four weeks, so what I have suggested previously is at that point in time taking a snap shot of that programme at the time/date agreed, and extract an XER file (this is the Primavera file) and also a PDF version of the programme at that point that can then be issued for acceptance.

You do still need to maintain this process otherwise you will never be able to (contractually correctly) be assessing compensation events.