NEC ECC: Can access dates be introduced mid-contract?

Under an NEC3 standard Option A contract can new multiple access dates be introduced midway through the contract ? There was initially one access date for the site and there is now a proposal to split parts of the site into different areas, and instruct new access dates to these areas. Could this be done under 60.1(1) PMI ? (how do you amend the contract data part 1). Is this a change to the works information if access dates were not in the original works information ?

I think what you are proposing is eminently sensible.

If you were to introduce new access dates by changing the Contract Data, it would need to be done by agreement between the Parties with a Supplementary Agreement drafted and signed by directors.

Far easier to add in additional constraints to the Works Information which, as you say, would be a compensation event under clause 60.1 (1).