NEC ECC: Application of CECA Rates

I would like to seek clarification on the application of CECA rates, in accordance with CDP2. Within CPD2, it states: 'The published list of Equipment is the last edition of the list published by…

CECA has recently been updated and republished in Oct 2019, with the previous version published 2011.

The contract was signed prior to Oct 2019, and the Contractor is applying CECA 2011 rates in recently submitted quotations.

Is this the correct use of CECA rates, or should the Contractor be applying CECA 2019 rates?

If a new published list is published after the Contract Date then it is this list that should be used in assessing the Defined Cost of Equipment therefore it is the October 2019 rates that should be used in your case.

This interpretation was probably not intended by the drafters which is acknowledged in NEC4 ECC as the Contract Data now reads “The published list of Equipment is the edition current at the Contract Date of the list published by”.

Thank you for speed response.

To confirm then, if the contract was signed Feb 2019, hence came into existence, irrespective, CEs with CECA rates quoted for delays incurred in 2020 should be applying Oct 2019 CECA, and not CECA 2011?

That’s correct yes.