NEC ECC: Is it correct to use 2019 CECA rates in lieu of 2011 CECA rates after the original completion date?

Contract Data Part Two states under optional statements that:
‘The published list of equipment is the last edition of the list published by CECA.’
At the time of the contract being executed the ‘last edition of the list published by CECA’ would be the June 2011 version of the CECA rates.
The original completion date in the contract data part two was 15th February 2019.
Due to delays encountered on the project that are outside the Contractor’s control the completion date has now exceeded the original completion date.
Use of the CECA rates June 2011 version would be valid until the original completion date (15th February 2019), up to the introduction of the CECA June 2019 rates.
Now that the original completion date of 15th February 2019 has passed the defined cost for equipment valued in compensation events occurring after June 2019 needs to be valued as per the June 2019 CECA rates.
Whilst it is acknowledged that plant hire prime costs have increased the easiest and most practical method to value this increase is to utilised the revised June 2019 CECA rates.
The Contractor will be valuing any compensation events occurring after June 2019 via this revised rates.

NEC3 ECC doesn’t qualify the point in time at which the latest version is whilst NEC4 ECC states that it is the latest version current at the Contract Date. Therefore without the qualification in NEC3 one must assume that it’s the latest version at the point in time the CE is assessed.

Incidentally whether or not the Completion Date has changed is irrelevant in determining which CECA rates are used. All CE’s being assessed after the 2019 rates were published should use these rates, and ones assessed before this should have used the 2011 ones.