NEC ECC: Advice for using Specification for Highway Works

When using the Specification for Highway Works (SHW) with NEC3 ECC, what is the best way to structure the contract documents to ensure clarity and avoid ambiguity?

My concern is that whilst the NEC has a clear distinction between Works Information and Site Information, the SHW does not. The SHW is a single suite of documents that includes a mixture of site information and works information clauses.

In addition, the SHW refers to the Overseeing Organisation, whereas the ECC has distinct roles for the Employer, Supervisor and Project Manager.

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My suggestion would be for you to consider using a Z clause to give definition to Overseeing Organisation eg 11.2 (??) for Appendixes ??, ???, ??? the Overseeing Organisation is the Employer, for Appendixes XX, XXX, XXXX the Overseeing Organisation is the Project Manager etc.

Regarding the difference between information to be included in the Works Information and that to be in the Site Information you could prepare a schedule of which Appendices were in which section and refer to that schedule in the Contract Data Part 1 (the Works Information is in … The Site Information is in …). Care would be needed to ensure you got the right information in the right section; remember the importance of the Works Information.