Labour Only Sub-Contractors

What is the recommended Contract to use under NEC for labour only or labour/plant sub-contractors

A good question, the simple answer is that there isn’t one. The current suite of contracts exclude labour only subcontractors and if you tried to use one of the Short Contracts I think you would find that even they are too complex for the task.

Having said that I am interested to know what sort of things you are looking for in a labour only/plant provider subcontract?

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thanks for reply, firstly as normal good practice trying to get any subbies on same form as main contract.

I do understand the differential with a labour only labour/plant subbie it was partly to address “issues” that had been occurring with person agreeing rates which were not fully clarified, in terms of how many many, what plant, uplifts for weekend, evening and night working. Nothing formal had been put in place. There does not seem to be many forms that cover almost the “too” simple type of works. Did not really want to have to create from scratch or totally bastardise a “stanadard” form

Yes I understand. It can be relatively straightforward to adapt a simple one page Purchase Order to include some simple obligations such as you describe. You could also include a statement that the Parties act in the spirit of mutual trust and co-operation, a one liner that if they become aware of a risk they notify or inform the other party (early warning?), another to notify if they need to be compensated, i.e. a rate uplift, etc (CE?). Not ideal but a solution nonetheless and one that I have drafted for a Contractor but I think it’s something for the NEC to think about producing a standard contract - perhaps.