"Key deliverables" in works information

Hi all,
I’m in the process of drafting works information for a scheme.
I have noted that others in the team have produced and presented a table of key deliverables in the WI.
Is this approach consistent with the intention of NEC contracts. Isn’t there a danger that by marking some deliverables as “key” we introduce the idea that others are peripheral in their importance?

@george.karumazondo I’d share your concerns about this as the concept of “key deliverables” is not one used in NEC. I suggest you get hold of a copy of “How to write the ECC Works Information” document published by NEC as it’s really useful to help people understand what needs to go in there. You should review each of the “key deliverables” to understand why it is thought to be more important than other deliverables. Is it something that needs to be done to help co-ordinate with other contractors e.g. a condition for a Key Date or is it something that needs to be done before (sectional) Completion or something else? You should refer to the definitions of these terms at clauses 11.2(2) and 11.2(9) respectively.

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Thank you so much for your quick response. I’ll check out the clauses in greater detail. I already have a few commentaries and the drafting guidance which is why I was puzzled by the approach.
I’ll update you if I find anything worth sharing