JCT2016DB - Contractors Design Documents

Question on Contractors Design Documents and their sign off, if anyone can assist. Contract appears to require all Contractors Design Documents to be issued and returned as status A, B & C. In practical terms, the amount of construction design information is vast, and while one would want all submitted for records and comment as necessary, only certain specific elements would require formal status A, B, C sign off.

Is there a suggested way of making the submission of a full set of design information a general requirement of contract, while keeping the items for specific status A, B, C approval to a more targeted, specific list of items.

John, paragraph 1 of the Design Submission Procedure (Schedule 1) states that “*The Contractor shall prepare and submit each of the Contractor’s Design Documents to the Employer by the means and in the format stated in the Employer’s Requirements or the Contractor’s Proposals…” (my emphasis); I believe that this provides both Parties with the flexibility to agree in advance a reasonable way of submission/acceptance in order to overcome the issue.

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Thanks Peter, appreciate this.