Implementation of CE in NEC 4 Contract Option B

We are currently in discussion with the PM regarding the impact of CE’s on the accepted programme. Our viewpoint is the programme shows a 6-day working week and the CE is to be impacted on a 6-day basis. The PM understanding is that it should be impacted on a 7-day calendar as the contractor should mitigate the impact as much as possible. Who would be correct?

The assessment of ‘time’ should relate to whatever constraints are stated in the Scope for hours of working, which may also include any Section 60/61 agreements with the appropriate authority, Working Time Regulations compliance, etc. I presume that your programme shows a 6 day working week due to these matters.

What you are assessing is how much longer you need to work in order to complete the scope of works now including the effects of the CE’s in question, based on the ‘available working time’, as determined by any imposed constraints.