ICE 6th billed rates

The quantum of billed work is likely to increase for which on a re-measurable section of works.
Does the client have any right to adjust the billed rates down once the original quantum has been exhausted. Clearly we have a decent rate for the item. Note the increased quantum is for the same item as billed so it’s not a variance in methodology or a change in work type.

I think you are asking an ICE 6th - specific question here. Its possible that someone will pop up who can answer in those terms, but this is a forum of NEC people, and mostly we turned our back on ICE Contracts a long time ago.

If this were NEC3 Option B, then you’d need to look at clause 60.4, which does give a path to a compensation event and therefore potentially to revised rates in some circumstances. That does not necessarily mean the rates would be revised downwards.

Hi And, Thanks for the response. Yes realise its old had but that’s what were working with. Just thought on the off chance someone would have an opinion on it to balance off mine or has experience of similar