How do I allow for Price Adjustment for inflation X1 for contracts under a Framework Agreement

I am two years into a Framework Agreement - What is the correct way to allow the contractor to adjust price to allow for inflation?

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Not quite sure what your specific question is as the rules should be relatively clear within the clauses of X1. If you have any amendments within your framework obviously you need to take those into account. Contract Data part 1 should also include some data that you will need in contract data part 1 in terms of the Price Adjustment Factor.

If you have a more specific question on how to apply an aspect of this secondary option obviously feel free to ask within this forum.

Option ‘X1 : Price adjustment for inflation’ only applies once a contract has been signed.
In the NEC3 Framework Contract, one of the schedules referred to is the ‘quotation procedure’ which is written by the Employer. Within this, you could include a price adjustment for inflation clause which could be applied to the ‘quotation information’ (in italics) supplied by the Contractor at tender stage for the framework.