Does Clause 13.4 apply to Quotations (62.3)?

Can a PM ask for more info in terms of Clause 13.4 for quotations submitted for a CE and if so, does non supply of said info suspend the PM’s obligation to assess if a notice in terms of 62.6 has already been submitted?

I guess the simple answer is yes, but this is more clearly spelled out within section 6 of the contract. If the Contractor submits a quotation then the Project Manager has to assess and respond within two weeks of it being issued. His reply is either acceptance or non-acceptance, and if the latter a statement of what should happen next. That will either be a statement that the PM will be assessing himself, or an instruction to submit a revised quotation. If the quotation is not detailed enough, then that could be a reason to submit a revised quotation.

In my experience I would only ever give the Contractor two bites at the cherry, and if the quote is still not good enough at that point then the PM should go on to assess themselves. When it is assessed lower (but fairly and in accordance with the contract) than they want it generally sharpens them up to get the next quotes in on time and with a good level of detail.

Clause 13.4 should not be used in every case to ask for more detail, and more detail. It will just slow down all the processes that the contract is trying to ensure keep moving for your and everyone else’s benefit.