Delay Against Completion Date & Key Dates

If Planned Completion moved by 10 days and the relevant Compensation Event was notified and agreed with the delay being accepted, is it possible for the delay against Key Dates to be greater or less than the overall 10 days if the programme is linked correctly?

We have found this scenario due to the Key Dates being before completion, with the overall movement in Key Dates seeming to be greater when delays are assessed against the programme.

If the Key Dates are on the critical path then they move in the same proportion to Planned Completion and Completion. They can not move by a different amount in this example. The Key Dates would move by 10 days too. They only move by the PM implementing the CE quotation. The CE impact programme should show the new dates (+10 days).
The PM can change Key Dates, this is a separate CE (60.1.(4)

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Provided your programme is logic linked properly and subject to the nature of the CE it may well be that the sectional completion dates and key dates move by different amounts. This is something I come across regularly. there could be multiple float paths through the project and the CE may affect them differently.