Contractor name change - TSC NEC3

When a contractor is updating their trading - entity name with companies house, what is the correct process and notication required to the service manager? Is this just a general notification from the contractor, and an amendment to the form of agreement between within the contract? The contractor is not changing anything other than a name change, all the the services remain the same.

Hi Matt, welcome to the community.

A notification with the certificate of incorporation on name change attached would suffice, in my view; I don’t see any reason for amending your contract - unless specified differently in the same which I doubt - as the entity is the same.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure your communication is compliant with clause 13.2 as regards the last address notified, unless you have agreed the use a document management platform.

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for the advice and reassurance.

No worries, take care.