Change to Contract Data Starting Date

I have a situation where the Employer and Contractor signed off on a contract, but very late. In fact the contract wasn’t signed until after the Completion Date, and therefore not started until after the Completion Date

On the next programme, be it with a CE, what happens to the ‘starting date’? Does it remain as per the CD Part 1 with say, a bar illustrating the delay as a successor, or does the milestone move to where the project could have or actually started. Both methods will drive the rest of the project.

Or the CDP1 should have been changed before signing?

Any help much appreciated.

The best answer to your problem would be to correct Contract Data Part One to ensure it properly reflects the contract the parties intended to make.

If not, you need to get the Starting Date in the right place as, for example, risk runs as from the starting date. So the Starting Date milestone needs to be move by a predecessor CE event.

Obviously if you have a stated Completion Date made by reference to a Starting Date (so perhaps “The Completion Date is 20 weeks after the Starting Date”) then getting the Starting Date in the right position is even more important.

However, above all, this needs a proper discussion and implementing by agreement to ensure you get off on the right foot.

Many thanks Rob; I’ve never come across this before but your answer makes complete sense.