Automatic closure (or non-acceptance) of pending extension requests

Currently the system allows the PM or Supplier to raise an extension request and places a response action on the other party. In some cases there can be multiple requests outstanding that relate to the same CEN. Validation was recently implemented to prevent an extension being accepted if another extension has been accepted since the request was raised or if a quote has been accepted since the extension request was raised. This is helpful in avoiding issues (we previously had examples of extensions being accepted in the wrong order and then dates moving backwards) but it would be even more helpful if the outstanding extension requests were automatically closed (similar to how multiple quotes are automatically closed out when a quote is accepted) when the following events occur:
a) The PM replies to a Supplier’s CEN
b) The Contractor submits a quotation
c) The Contractor submits a revised quotation
d) The PM replies to a quotation
e) The PM communicates a PM assessment
f) The PM accepts a Contractor’s extension request
g) The Contractor accepts a PM’s extension request

Pending extension requests should not be closed out when an extension request is rejected (not accepted) as it is logical and legitimate for a user to reject one extension request and then accept another.

Currently our users are frustrated by the fact they still have pending actions outstanding on their dashboards that relate to CEN’s that have already been implemented and confused by the perception the system won’t allow them to clear those actions. In fact the user can still clear the action by sending a ‘not accepted’ response and it would be illogical for them to accept an extension after the CE has been implemented but it’s an avoidable source of confusion/frustration. This change would improve efficiency for end users, potentially avoid complex coding issues by avoiding certain scenarios, and reduce the number of support requests.