Which specific operations are excluded from being considered part of a construction contract in legal terms under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996?

The following are construction operations that are expressly excluded from the application of the Act:

	drilling for, or extraction of, oil or natural gas;


	 extraction (whether by underground or surface working) of minerals, and tunnelling or    boring, or construction of underground works, for this purpose;


	the assembly, installation or demolition of plant or machinery, or the erection or demolition of steelwork for the purposes of supporting or providing access to plant or machinery, on a    site where the primary activity is:


	nuclear processing, power generation or the treatment of water or effluent; or


	the production, transmission, processing or bulk storage (other than warehousing) of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil, gas, steel or food and drink.


	 the manufacture or delivery to site of:


	 building or engineering components or equipment;


	materials, plant or machinery; or


	 components for systems of heating, lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation, power supply, drainage, sanitation, water supply and fire protection, or for security or communications systems, except under a contract that also provides for their installation.


	the making, installation and repair of artistic works (defined as sculptures, murals and     other works that are wholly artistic in nature).