What are the secondary Options?

What are the secondary Options?

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The secondary Options are:

	Option X1: Price adjustment for inflation (used only with Options A,B,C and D)

	Option X2: Changes in the law

	Option X3: Multiple currencies (used only with Options A and B)

	Option X4: Parent company guarantee

	Option X5: Sectional Completion

	Option X6: Bonus for early Completion

	Option X7: Delay damages

	Option X12: Partnering

	Option X13: Performance bond

	Option X14: Advanced payment to the Contractor

	Option X15: Limitation of the Contractor’s liability for his design to reasonable skill and care

	Option X16: Retention (not used with Option F)

	Option X17: Low performance damages

	Option X18: Limitation of liability

	Option X20: Key Performance Indicators (not used with Option X12)

	Option Y(UK)2: The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996

	Option Y(UK)3: The Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999

	Option Z: Additional conditions of contract