Remeasure and CE's

Under an Option B the Project manager has issued an instruction changing a Scope of works.
For clarity its drainage and some of the items that were 150mm pipe are now increased in size and some have remained the same.

I have prepared a Forecast of Defined Cost re-pricing the whole thing, but they are saying where applicable bill rates should be used and our CE is only for new rates for the items not in the Original BOQ, however our costs for each have changed due to lower quantities and in my view its a complete change in scope therefore original Bill items don’t apply.

The Client seem to be picking and choosing where it benefits themselves.

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If the contract is unamended, the PM can only use rates and lump sums if both parties agree.

If the clause is amended to say the rates and lump sums can be used if the PM decides, you will have to show him actual cost to prove the rate no longer applies and he will implement a lump sum in line with the actual cost.