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Improvements in Analytics based on feedback

We’ve made some minor improvements based on customer feedback after the general release of Learn Analytics. Unaffiliated enrollments can be hidden.

Unaffiliated enrollments have been cluttering dashboards for our larger customers with multiple subaccounts. These are enrollments from learning items that had once been affiliated but are no longer shared to a certain subaccount (thus, users of the subaccount can no longer finish these enrollments.) If you are interested in seeing those enrollments, you can use the “Show Unaffiliated Learnables” filter in the more section of the Transcripts Dashboard; the filter is only available on this dashboard.

Commenting in Course within Mobile App

Users can comment on course slides within the mobile app. Allowing users to comment on course slides facilitates dialogue and communication between users about the course content. It also provides a space for users to share thoughts and ideas and give feedback on a course. By allowing this on the mobile app, we’ve created parity with the web version of Bridge and have provided more opportunities for users to interact with courses.

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