Release Notes upto 2021-7-26 Academy

New Webinars

• An Introduction to the Extensions of Time Provisions under JCT D&B Contract
• Understanding the Contractor and Subcontractor’s Obligations under NEC3 ECS
• Overview of Partial Possession and Practical Completion under JCT D&B Contract
• Payment and the Construction Act
• Consequences Failing to Complete the Works Before the Completion Date and LADs under JCT D&B Contract
• RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) Part 3: Final Assessment interview
• Control of the Works by Employer’s Agent, Site Manager, Contractor and Employer under JCT D&B Contract
• The Key Differences Between NEC3 and NEC4

Blogs, news & articles

Price increases and the NEC3 ECC contract by Peter Papadakis
Webinar Series - NEC4 PSC Fundamentals - Tuesday 9 November 2021
Webinar Series - NEC3 Fundamentals of Engineering and Construction Contract (NEC3 ECC) 7 October 2021
RICS APC Structured Training - Module Two - Written Submission - Thursday 18 November
Webinar Series: NEC4 Fundamentals of Engineering and Construction Contract - Tuesday 19 October 2021
COVID-19 and your NEC3 construction contract; is it too late? By Peter Papadakis
Webinar Schedule - August 2021
What is building thermal modelling? By Darren Evans
Is employee satisfaction enough? By Andrea Newton
APC Structured Training Programme - Overview of Series

New features on Bridge

• Hide Terminated Users from User Interface (UI)

Admins can hide terminated users from the UI. Note: Terminated users and their data will continue to show within the data dump files.


• Hide Numeric Ratings in Performance Conversations

There is a control available to admins to select whether or not the numeric value associated with ratings is displayed within the Performance Conversations agenda. If this setting is toggled on, the numerical value will be hidden, but the text description of the rating will still appear for users.

• Improvements in Analytics based on feedback

We’ve made some minor improvements based on customer feedback after the general release of Learn Analytics. The re-enrollment date has been added to Analytics Learner Transcripts.