Release Notes up to 2021-01-06 Academy Webinar Schedule

New Webinars
2021 is finally here and we have a whole month of webinars for you to sign up for this January with a mix of free and premium content.

January 6th

Understanding Key Documents of a JCT Design and Build Contract

January 7th

Understanding Contractor and Subcontractor’s Obligations under NEC3 ECS

January 13th

Understanding Contracts Documents and How They Work Together

January 14th

The Key Differences Between NEC3 and NEC4

January 19th

NEC4 ECC Part 1: How to put together an NEC4 ECC and choose the right main and secondary options

NEC4 ECC Part 2: Understanding Client’s and Contractor’s Obligations under NEC4 ECC

NEC4 ECC Part 3: How to produce and update your Programme under NEC4 ECC and Quality Management: Managing Defects under NEC4 ECC and producing Good Scope

NEC4 ECC Part 4: How to pay the Contractor and get paid under ECC and a quick overview of the SOCC *

NEC4 ECC Part 5: Getting to Grips with Compensation Events under ECC and how they work with the SOCC *

NEC4 ECC Part 6: What to do when things go wrong on an ECC (Rights to material, Liabilities and insurance, Termination and Disputes) *

January 20th

Payment and the Construction Act

Contractor Obligations under JCT D&B Contract - Design and Quality Standards

January 21st

Contractual Entitlements (Part 1) - What are Contractual Entitlements?

Contractual Entitlements (Part 2) - Notices and Records

Contractual Entitlements (Part 3) - Variations

Contractual Entitlements (Part 4) - Extension of Time *

Contractual Entitlements (Part 5) - Loss and Expense *

Contractual Entitlements (Part 6) - Dispute Resolution *

January 26th

RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) – Structured Training *

January 27

IR35 legislation changes - How will it affect you?

Contractor Obligations under JCT D&B Contract for Subcontracting and H&S

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