Release Notes up to 2023-08-27 Contract Management (Sprint 71)

These releases contain any new features, improvements and bug fixes worked on for this period.

New + Improved

New Mail Service Provider

Built Intelligence have migrated to a new transaction mail service provider. Previously you may have needed to Whitelist our e-mail address to ensure you received e-mail notifications from FastDraft. The change is minimal but the risk is that new emails being sent are flagged as spam. To mitigate this we have notified all users of the change and ensured the new mail service has the correct DMARC, DKIM and SPF records. We sent emails to our main contacts and also delivered this message through an in-App notification to all users logging into FastDraft.

Please ask your IT team to add the following to your Whitelist settings:
The IP address is:

Improved validation on deactivating /reactivating users with hubs

If a user is created with a User Type of ‘View All Hub’ (or if the user’s type is changed to ‘View All Hub’) that user becomes eligible to be added to one or more Hub Lists. When deactivated the user will no longer appeared in any Hub Lists they were previously added to. However, the user was still stored in the Hub lists (and in any contract user lists) in case the user account was reactivated. If a user was then subsequently reactivated and their permissions not reinstated, the user was still showing in the hub lists, which was incorrect.

Improved logic has now been added to cater for different scenarios concerning hub users.

Improved aggregate reporting ^^

We have enabled the company dropdown on aggregate reports regardless of custom field selection or configuration.

Improved Contract Dashboard functionality ^^

The Contract dashboard can now optionally show contract users vs. contract overview users (parties) If selected to be added the dashboard will look like this. Users with specified access have the authority to select.

Dashboard Users

Improved capability for system owners

A system owner is now able to set another user as a system owner.

Background Improvements **

We have integrated FastDraft with MailGun to store delivery status and email analytics of sent emails. This has been isolated as a background process so it does not impact on the initial delivery of the emails.

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been rectified:

  • A General user was inadvertently able to remove a system generated relationship.
  • The RAG colour on a quote or reply date due for today’s date was incorrectly set to RED, it will now be GREEN
  • When a draft ITQ notification was created, not all the configurable fields on the Project were appearing.


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterix will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.