Release Notes up to 2022-06-13 Contract Management (Sprint 38 and 39)

New + Improved

New Contract status Feature

We have created the ability to Set a Project and/or Contract state to Completed/Archived/Deleted via the UI. This is currently only available to Built Intelligence to use when requested by our customers. However, the contract state will be visible by System Owners and Administrators from the Contract Overview Page and to all users via the Contract Dashboard and Contract Registers, unless the contract has been deleted when general users will not see them on the register. Below is an example of how the contract state is shown on the dashboard, Competed shows as Green and Archived as Amber.

Deleted contract

  • Deleted State - users will be removed from the contract and the contract will be hidden from registers and reports. No users can be added to a deleted contract. A contract can be ‘Undeleted’ by a System Owner, users won’t be reinstated but the contract will become visible again in registers and reports. The deleted date is still visible by design. Only System Owners and Administrators can see the state via the Contract Dashboard and Contract Registers.
  • Archived State - it is no longer be possible to generate any communications or make any updates to the contract. No contract users are deleted when a contract is archived. The Archive date is updated. An Archived Contract can be restored from Archive and it can also be deleted. All users can see the state via the Contract Dashboard and Contract Registers.
  • Complete State - This should not be actioned until completion has been certified. Once marked as Complete the contract can still be accessed and notifications sent as required (e.g. Notification of Defect). A Completed contract can be made active again, archived or deleted and the original ‘Complete Date’ remains unaffected (i.e. is not nulled). When marked as ‘Complete’ for a second time the ‘Complete’ date and time is updated. All users can see the state via the Contract Dashboard and Contract Registers.

The Project Status works in the same way and can only be updated by a System Owner (currently Built Intelligence)

Company and Project

The ability to amend the Company and Project details has moved position on the Create Contract and Overview form. The buttons are now against the relevant field.


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterix will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.

Hi Liz

I like this. the ability. To mark what’s active and Inactive will clean up the Contracts list available. Will improve administration.








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