Procurement: How much do I need to disclose on the Standstill letter where several suppliers are awarded a framework contract?

Could you clarify for me what I need to declare in terms of the winning tenderers on a standstill letter under the Public contract regulations, if i am award a farmewrok to three suppliers:

Just the highest scoring tenderer
All three of the scores for the tenderers as we are awarding 3 frameworks.
Or the highest scoring tenderer and note that we are awarded 3 suppliers and name them

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The score of all three tenderers who have been awarded a contract

If the porcurement commenced after the 20th Dec 2009, the letters must include: the award criteria, the name of the successful bidders, the score of the recipient, the score of the successful bidders, details of the reason for the decision, including the characteristics and relative advantages of the successful tender and confirmation of the date before which the contracting authority will not enter into the contract or framework agreement (ie, the date after the end of the standstill period).