Planning: Can a building with a COI be demolished without any planning application as to its use afterwards

Littlebrook Power Station and chimney have a COI and the owners have obtained a demolition order. No planning application has been made for its redevelopment but the company have indicated their intentions which once the site is cleared would have difficulty in obtaining planning consent. However once the site is cleared arguments for alternative use will be futile. Is this right that a COI can be used to demolish a building without lodging a planning application for its replacement.

A Certificate of Immunity (COI) guarantees that a building will not be statutorily listed, or a building preservation notice won’t be served, for 5 years.

Demolition of a building does not usually require planning consent, except for listed buildings that require listed buildings consent, which is probably why the COI was obtained.

Any intentions for subsequent re-development is a separate matter for which an application would need to be made to the appropriate planning authority.