Planned Completion v Completion Date

Is it the NECC:ECC intension that Key Dates, Sectional Completion Dates and the Completion Date are only to be stipulated in Contract Data and not the Works Information and that the Works Information should only describe the condition(s) to be met to satisfy these dates?

If planned completion extends beyond the Completion Date, can the Project Manager reject a clause 32 programme under the reason of β€˜it does not comply with the Works Information?’ Equally can he also accept it?

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The Contract Data is where the material information in regard to a contract should be stated not in Works Information.

Clause 11.2(19) defines the WI as information which either specifies and describes the works or states any constraints on how the Contractor Provide the Works and is not the place to include this information. However it can be used to amplify the Contract Data.

The fact that planned Completion is later than the Completion Date is not one of the reasons not to accept a programme. A PM can accept a programme which shows planned Completion later than the Completion Date the Contractor is at risk of delay damages and the PM will be interested to know how the Contractor plans to recover any of his own delays. You also need to consider if there are any time lags or compensation events which are in the process of being resolved.